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May 2, 2007

Business Plan V – Marketing Analysis Document

Here is the marketing analysis for the project. I’ve uploaded it as a file on this blog.

I think it is sufficient for the purposes of this business plan project. I also have a link for the RIAA data that is mentioned in this market analysis under the “appendix” section. Should you want to view this data, click here to view the pdf file. You will need adobe acrobat viewer to view it.

April 5, 2007

Personnel Budget 

Producer Salary=$50,000

Promoter Salary=$40,000

Engineer Salary=$35,000

Accountant Salary=$20,000

Stage Manager Salary=$9,000

Stage Staff=$5,000

Artist Fees=$10,000

Composer Fees=$5,000

Building Maintenance Staff=$2,000

Tour Bus Driver Salary=$5,000 (Includes Gas)

Subtotal: $181,000

Sorry, hypnotist requested too much money as to not be included in the budget


April 2, 2007

Here are the 5 main categories we had for our budget:


Mission Statement

March 28, 2007

Here’s the mission statement for the company we are working with in class:

 The Best Records, Inc. is a musical umbrella company combining the fields of recording, managing, mastering, and promotions.  It’s purpose: to support fellow musicians with their endeavor to share their music with a worldwide audience through facilitation every area of the creation of music, from recording to marketing and everything in between.  The Best Records, Inc. will be a crucial step in finding yet undiscovered artists in every field of music, from instrumentals to composers and singers.

Misson Statement, Goals, Object., etc

March 26, 2007

Here’s what we have so far for Goals, Objectives, and Methods:

Goals: Promote artists in any genre.
Produce recordings for these artists.

Obejectives: Aquire 3 artists in 3 different genres of music by September 2007/
Organize tour w/75 stops for one artist for summer 2008.
Complete first album for each new artist by May 2008.
Increase record sales to by 300,000 by the end of 2008.

Methods: Have a merchandise van available during tour.
Send out a scouting agent to find some talented artists.
Have sound engineers record artists first albums, and have producers ready to assist
with the finishing of the recordings.

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March 7, 2007

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